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Learn About VillaKids

VillaKids is a 12,000 square foot club within VillaSport that is separate and exclusive to members with children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.  With ever-changing daily activities that keep the fun fresh and exciting, you can drop your children off and be assured that you will pick them up happy, sweaty and tired. 

While you work out or unwind at VillaSport, you can be confident that your child is having a great time in VillaKids. We provide daily rotations of theme-based activities where your child is always occupied and engaged. We have something for everyone of every age on every visit.

There is plenty of opportunity for your little ones to grow their imagination and creativity during center-based play. The older youth will build physical and social skills and look forward to their time at VillaKids.

Don’t think day-care. VillaKids is worlds away from that. Dedicated studios and a sports court are available for exercise, art, basketball, educational activities, dance and parties.  Seasonal camps, Parent’s Night Out and amazing birthday parties are just some of the other options we offer at VillaKids.  VillaKids is every bit as athletic as the rest of our club; we just packed it full of the fun, healthy and educational things kids love to do.

VillaKids rotations have something for everyone. Whether your child is just beginning to walk or talk or has developed into a social pre-teen, our theme-based rotation program incorporates fun and learning.

The VillaKids Admission Form is required before your child's first visit to VillaKids. We invite you to submit the form now to avoid delays on your child's first day at VillaKids.

VillaKids is so much fun, your children may never want to leave.
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