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Youth Events

Athletes of all ages can benefit from the atmosphere and enjoyment of competition and low-key group events.  It is amazing how a sport can have a positive impact on a child or teen. Throughout the year, we have single-day events that take less than a couple of hours. Come on out, make new friends, improve your skills and have fun.

Our events are always changing. Current and ongoing events are listed below.

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Try your skill at our annual competition. Each participant has 10 chances to become the champ of his/her age group. Awards for the top finishers in each age group. Male and female divisions. Competition is complimentary, but you must sign up with Member Services. Guests with customary guest fee are welcome.
Ages         Times
8-9            10:00am
10-11        10:15am
12-15        10:30am
16-29        10:45am
30-39        11:15am
40-49        11:30am
50+           11:45am

Swim, Scoot and Scamper. Children will compete in a 50-yard unassisted swim, a scooter board course, and an obstacle run. Few other sports offer the variety and fun of a triathlon and the VillaSport Indoor Youth Triathlon is a new and inventive way for kids to experience that fun. Prizes, fun and glory! Awards for the fastest boy and girl in each age group (U6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12). Each competitor will be done in less than an hour.

A fun pentathlon where your family competes as a team.  Five FUN events testing your speed, power, jumping, technique and endurance. Smile, laugh and enjoy family time with Scooter Races, Standing Long-Jump, Medicine Ball Toss, and more. Minimum three people per family, ages 5 and up. Will you be crowned VillaSport's Greatest Family Athletes? Register your family with Member Services. Complimentary.  
A morning of races in butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, plus the individual medley. Open to children and adults. Challenge yourself and challenge others. Competition is complimentary. Pre-registration is required on or before Wednesday, November 2.
Age groups: 7 and under, 8-10, 11-13, 14-17, 18-39, 40+
Learn the rules, get some exercise, make new friends, and think football! Participants may sign up as a team or be placed on a team. There are prizes for the winners and enjoyment for everyone. No experience necessary for this recreational tournament. Ages 5-12.
Pumpkin mania, fun and prizes. We'll have pumpkin games, crafts and activities on land and in the water. We'll have pumpkin races in the pool,  Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin, Pass the Pumpkin, Ring the Pumpkin and much, much more. Members of all ages will be challenged and enjoy the fun fall pumpkin day. 

When the Super Bowl is fast approaching. VillaSport likes to add to the anticipation by playing Flag Football. Learn the rules, get some exercise, create some strategy, and make new friends. Participants may sign up as a team or be placed on a team. There are prizes for the winners and enjoyment for everyone. No experience is necessary for this recreational tournament. Complimentary. 

Please remember that classes, programs, lessons, and events including summer camps and before and after care are non-refundable and non-transferable.
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