Swim Lessons

Starfish Swimming® at VillaSport

Starfish Swimming is the nationally recognized curriculum for swim instruction created by the Starfish Aquatics Institute. Starfish Swimming at VillaSport emphasizes water safety and encourages skills development by providing effective awards of achievement as the junior swimmer advances his or her skills. The curriculum begins with StarBabies, transitions into the Sea Animal Levels, and finally advances to Stroke School. Lessons are available year round for all ages.

Starfish Group Lessons

Youth group lessons provide affordable instruction with the added benefit of group dynamics. Many students learn through watching and mimicking. In addition, repetition reinforces skill development, so as children listen to repetitive instruction, they may more easily comprehend. Plus, group lessons can be fun with old and new friends.

Starfish Private Lessons

Youth private lessons incorporate the same Starfish Swimming skill development as our group lessons. Our private lessons provide exclusive instruction directed towards the junior swimmer's individual needs, while also offering effective awards of achievement as the junior swimmer advances his or her skills.

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This class provides an early introduction to swimming for ages 6 to 36 months, directed towards improving the child’s comfort level in water while training parents in water safety and drowning prevention. One parent or guardian must be in the water with each child, which provides a great opportunity to enjoy time together while building lifelong skills.  Swim diapers required.

Sea Animals

Grouped according to swim ability, junior swimmers enjoy an innovative curriculum based upon water and safety skill benchmarks and fun. Swimmers are awarded colorful patches highlighting each level of achievement that can be proudly displayed on each junior swimmer's swim tote.


For the child who is afraid of water, cannot swim, or will not get his/her face wet
Focus: Trust and Submersion
Safety Skill: Always ask for permission before getting in the water.
Water Skill: Submerge while relaxed with assistance for 5 seconds.

For the child who enjoys water, gets his/her face wet, jumps in but can swim only with support
Focus: Body Position and Air Recovery
Safety Skill: Put on a life jacket, float on back and kick 20 feet.
Water Skill: Jump in, submerge, recover for air, roll and lay on back for 5 seconds.


For the child who is not afraid, can float, jump in and return to surface
Focus: Forward Movement and Direction Change
Safety Skill:
Use flotation to help someone out of the water, and know how to call 911
Water Skill: Jump in, submerge, recover, move forward 10 feet, change direction and return to wall.


For the child who can swim 10 feet while taking an occasional breath
Focus: Body Rotation
Safety Skill:
Tread water for 15 seconds.
Water Skill: Jump in, submerge, recover to slide glide, kick 10 feet.


For the child who treads water for 15 seconds and can swim freestyle for 10 feet
Focus: Integrated Movement
Safety Skill:
Survival float and tread water for 30 seconds.
Water Skill: Slide glide, swim freestyle 30 feet with 1-2-3 breathe pattern.

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Starfish Stroke School

For the junior swimmer who has achieved the highest level color patch (Green Shark), or meets the skills requirement, and is ready to refine and develop freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and/or butterfly. Colorful rocker patches are awarded for each level of stroke achievement.

For more information on Swim Lessons, please email the Aquatics Director, or call 281-296-3676.  Please remember that classes, programs, lessons, and events including summer camps and before and after care are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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