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You’ve already made a commitment to fitness by joining VillaSport. Now choose a program to fit your schedule, your needs, your goals, your life. Whether your focus is a reunion, new jeans, a wedding, an athletic competition or anything in-between – achieve your goals and choose to feel great by starting today.

All of the fitness advisors at VillaSport are professionally trained and hold nationally recognized personal training certifications. In addition, some of our fitness staff hold Bachelor’s degrees and others have attained Master’s degrees in health and wellness fields.

Individual Training

TAILORED TO YOU   No two people have the same body, knowledge or goals – so for optimum results, no two exercise and nutrition plans should be the same. Fitness Advisors at VillaSport take an individualized approach to fitness, tailored to your specific needs.

Small-Group Personal Training

IT'S GOOD TO SHARE    All the benefits of Individual Training, but shared with others! Grab two or more friends, colleagues or family members and train together with a Fitness Advisor. You’ll get personal attention, direction and motivation and so will they – at a very affordable price. Small-Group Training is tailored for the maximum benefit of the whole group.


MEASUREABLE RESULTS  The VillaSport REACH program will deliver measurable improvements in just 12 weeks. You will receive personal attention, working one-on-one with a Fitness Advisor while following a proven progression curriculum customized to your fitness level, needs and goals. Along with your efforts at the Club, you’ll keep track of your daily diet and learn ways to improve your food choices and establish long-term good habits.

Boot Camp

FUN AND CAMARADERIE   Boot Camp will strengthen and tone your entire body and get your heart pumping while making it fun and building camaraderie with your fellow “campers.” Each class features lots of different exercises with varying degrees of intensity. You’ll get expert instruction in a dynamic and motivating environment for a challenging workout that’s effective and never boring.

Lose to Win

TEAMWORK AND COMPETITION   VillaSport’s Lose to Win competition is one of the most motivating and effective ways to achieve weight loss. In this fun 12-week program, you compete as an individual or on a team with weekly weigh-ins. You’ll be encouraged by your teammates and VillaSport’s fearless Lose to Win Leaders to achieve new and exciting fitness goals. With challenging fitness competitions, a weekly boot camp class and the endless support of our staff and other participants, you will achieve success.


VERSATILE AND DYNAMIC   Put a new twist in your workout with versatile kettlebells. They add a new dimension to classic dumbbell exercises and they’re ideal for power moves that work major muscles, burn body fat and build your core. Kettlebells are a great choice for recreational exercisers to competitive athletes.


LIFT DRAG STEP  An innovative, effective whole-body training program based on human movement. You lift, drag, throw and step on and over a weighted hollow tube with handles to move your body in ways that burn tons of calories and work all your muscle groups.


SUSPENDED FUN   Suspension Training leverages body weight while working multiple muscles and joints simultaneously. Led by a skilled Fitness Advisor, you will build power, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility.

Athletic Performance Training

PERFECT YOUR GAME   Great athletes are physically fit and skilled in their sport. Although sport-specific training is necessary in order to excel, athletic performance training is beneficial in conditioning different muscle groups and increasing overall fitness. Training focuses on strength and conditioning to increase speed, strength, agility, responsiveness, and mobility and reduce risk of injury.

Youth Training

START EARLY    Making fitness fun and enjoyable can have a tremendous impact on the lives and futures of children and teens. From the star little leaguer to the self-conscious teen, each child has different needs that form the foundation of an individualized fitness plan created by a VillaSport Fitness Advisor. Through inspiring, encouraging and fun sessions, kids will gain confidence, improve their fitness or sports performance and learn good habits that can last a lifetime.

Pilates Reformer

MINDFUL MOVEMENT   Pilates Reformer helps establish core stability and postural alignment while working peripheral limbs in a range of motion to lengthen and strengthen muscles. As you progress, the fitness challenge becomes greater, resulting in visible improvements in muscle definition.


FIT MIND BODY AND PHYSIQUE    Improved flexibility and posture, more strength, better concentrationand deep breathing are benefits of a structured yoga program. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, private yoga sessions can take you to the next level in your practice.


OPTIMIZE YOUR INTAKE  It’s so important to focus on the right food choices to energize your mind and body for a daily life filled with work, family, exercise and all your other commitments and obligations. Let our certified Fitness Advisors show you the way to a healthier, energizing diet. Proper nutrition provides the fuel for you to be your best in all you do.

Education and Workshops

EMPOWERED    VillaSport strives to empower our members to adopt a healthy lifestyle of wellness and fitness. Interactive workshops are offered on a wide variety of topics providing education, effective technique and motivation. Workshops are instructed by our Fitness Advisors and, in some instances, guest experts.

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