Aqua Classes provide a complete body workout with low impact on your joints.  Resistance exercises improve strength and mobility, while the cardio aspect increases aerobic endurance.  Water fitness accommodates all ages and fitness levels. Depending on the class type and time of year, classes are held indoors, outdoors, in warm water and cooler water.

The Aqua Classes we currently offer are described below.  All group exercise classes are included in your membership.

Aqua Athletics
Experience the vigor of the water, using it as its own resistance. A gentle yet fun low-impact workout to increase your strength, range of motion and cardio fitness.

Aqua Interval
Alternating actions of cardio and strength will utilize all muscle groups and challenge you at each interval. A combination of swimming, vertical movements, aqua jogging and strength exercises will keep you coming back for more.

Gentle Aqua
Enjoy the benefits of working out in the water! Water buoyancy protects muscles and joints from injury. This class offers stretching, toning, water walking, and light aerobics.
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