Yoga and Mat Pilates are extremely effective in toning the muscles, increasing flexibility, and providing strength and endurance benefits. With increased flexibility and strength comes better posture. Most standing and sitting poses develop core strength, as well as body awareness. Because of the deep, focused breathing involved in Yoga and Mat Pilates, lung capacity often improves. After class, you will feel calmer and less stressed.

The Mind/Body Classes we currently offer are described below.  All group exercise classes are included in your membership.

Advanced Yoga
Taking poses to a deeper level through twisting, inversions and balance challenges. These poses will enable growth in strength. flexibility, range of motion and balance.

Strengthen, tone and balance the entire body with ballet bars, light weights and props. Toning and resistance exercises emphasize core, arms, seat and thighs. No ballet experience needed!

(a Les Mills™ class)
The yoga, tai chi, and Pilates workout that leaves you feeling long, strong, centered and calm. A group exercise-to-music class that enhances your physical and mental well-being.

Family Yoga
Yoga for your family! An empowering session to bond with your family. A light and inviting atmosphere to stretch and strengthen mind and body together. All families welcome. Ages 5 and up.

Flow Yoga
This class links Hatha poses together to create a strong and flowing practice. Designed to strengthen and stabilize the body.

Gentle Barre
Gently strengthen, tone, increase flexibility and improve balance. This class combines Pilates, yoga and ballet to target all the major muscle groups. No ballet experience needed!

Gentle Yoga
A great workout without putting unnecessary strain on your body, modifying standard yoga poses and maintaining a relaxed pace. Achieve focus and balance, and center yourself.

Mat Pilates
An innovative system of mind/body exercise based on the principles of Joseph Pilates, which teach body awareness and good posture, and increase core strength, flexibility and agility.

Open Studio
Use the designated studio (without instruction) to practice your dance steps, skip across the floor or focus on body-weight exercises. Please do not use the audio or studio equipment.

Combines Pilates, yoga, strength conditioning, flexibility, and dynamic balance. PiYo is an up-tempo approach to mind/body exercise, and offers beginning modifications and advanced options to suit your needs.

Power Yoga 
Synchronous breathing with strong, flowing movement for a high energy, vigorous cardiovascular workout.

Restorative Yoga
A relaxing and gentle form of yoga designed to reduce/relieve stress, create flexibility, and calm the mind and body.

Vinyasa Flow
Poses are cued in modified, full, and extended versions for all skill levels. Gain strength, flexibility, balance and range of motion.

Yin Yoga
Designed to work deep within the connective tissue to increase joint mobility and release stress while holding poses for longer periods. Encourages mind focus, patience, and release.

Yoga Sculpt
A combination of Flow Yoga, music and energy, amplified with the use of weights. Sweat and sculpt your way to a new level of flexibility and strength.
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